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Most events are generic with a more specific attraction as the centrepiece; for instance a track for a motor sports event, a stage and arena for a music festival or a flying display for an airshow.  On the whole that specific side of events are very well managed often with a set of rules, a club or association overseeing activities and frequently a specified number of stewards who act as the eyes and ears for your event.

What of the other elements?

Consider public safety for example - As the promoter or organiser of an event, you are responsible for bringing together the population of a small town and it is your duty to care for their health, safety and welfare.  Your duty of care does not stop at the specific attractions; it only stops when they leave the venue safely.

Are you aware of the expectations of the local authority or the HSE - Is your organisation being left vulnerable through ignorance?

UK Event Safety provide the essential conduit between event organisers and the local authority, we are well versed in ensuring that your event is managed to the expectations of the law.  We will make sure that you are fulfilling your legal requirements when it comes to caring for your customers.  Not only will this keep everyone safe but it generates confidence with the event visitors, assuring you of a stronger audience at your next event.

UK Event Safety specialise in not only caring for the public with a commonsense approach but also the interests of you, the promoter.


UK Event Safety can provide a range of services bespoke to the needs of the event organiser.

  • Risk Assessments
  • Event Planning & Management
  • Method Statements
  • Tabletop Exercises
  • Training
  • Media Support
  • Catering Safety