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Concession Accreditation & Management (Catering Units/Bars/Market Stalls etc)

Concessions are an essential and very valuable part of any event whatever the size. They should be bringing you valuable income

We all understand that as well as providing the essential food and drink so fundamental at even the smallest function, they should also provide a lucrative income and when not managed suitably the promoter can watch this invaluable income stream disappear before their eyes.

Similarly if you fail to pay appropriate attention to your concessions, you can find yourself in a very vulnerable situation.

You may ask what this package offers that you are not doing now or equally why should you do these things?

First of all, let's be clear

YOU have decided to organise an event to make profit for whatever reason therefore you must understand that YOU now have responsibilities

You Need To ...

It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that the food concessions that you provide are fit for purpose, therefore at the point if booking YOU need to check the following: -

  • Local Authority registration
  • Food Management System (HACCP) is carried, suitably used and managed
  • Suitable Public Liability / Employee Liability insurances are carried
  • Gas testing certificate
  • Electricity testing certificate (for mobile catering unit and not just PAT cert)
  • Meaningful package of risk assessments (inc. fire risk assessment)
  • Ensure that all staff have been suitably trained (should be able to produce certificates)
  • All work ethics must comply with CIEH National Guidance for Outdoor and Mobile Catering (ISBN 978-1-906989-29-3)
It is a legal requirement for mobile caterers to produce this documentation and if YOU fail to check it properly at the point of booking, any shortfalls or failures may sit with you.

Not Just Booking a 'Burger Bar'

Booking concessions brings with it a significant number of essential needs that YOU will need to address, they are YOUR responsibility, these are: -

Site Planning

At the point of booking it is important to have a clear understanding of the size of the areas that are available for the concessions and ensure that those outlets that have been booked, can be accommodated (with a suitable safety spacing between each outlet).

Siting Concessions

Throughout the process it is important to have a management team on site prior to and as your concessions arrive on site as they need close supervision and we might suggest, close control when position the catering outlets. The aim for the individual caterer is to make as much money as possible, the management team has the overall interests of the event at heart and frequently the two differ somewhat.


In order to produce cooked food products, there will be a significant quantity amount of waste disposal of which is the responsibility of the event promoter: -

• Food Suitable method of disposal close to each run of two of more outlets, to be removed and emptied by the event promoter
• Grey water tanks located as above which need to be removed and emptied by the event promoter
• Recyclable Bins provided as above and within the recycling policy of the venue
• Oils, ensuring that all waste oil is removed by caterers or dealt with suitably by the event promoter
• Gas, it is extremely important that you ensure that the caterers remove all of their gas bottles following the event, they are very expensive to have taken away afterwards

Health & Hygiene


The event promoter must provide toilets specifically for caterers adjacent to each run of (we suggest) three of more outlets. The location of the toilets must allow access for the servicing vehicle.

Hand Washing

The event promoter must ensure that the concessions all provide suitable hand washing facilities.

Fresh Water

Fresh water must be provided for caterers within a reasonable walking distance of each run of catering outlets. When considering the location, you must also think about both the manual handling issues that you are presenting to the caterer and the probable issues that might be posed by the caterers having to bring the water through a very busy crowd of people, this is your issue to resolve.


With every catering unit comes staff members and in turn they bring with them vehicles that need to be parked and they will often depend upon using a tent for accommodation. It is reasonable to expect that all arrangements or lack thereof are made clear at the point of booking. A peripheral point is that if a suitable area (contractor's camping?) cannot be provided, this will have a significant financial impact upon the concessions and this may determine whether it is viable to support your event.

Stock & Stock Vehicles

It is not unreasonable to expect every concession to have a stock vehicle. These come in differing shapes and sizes from a van through to a lorry and this must be considered as a part of their needs, they are tools that they need to allow them to do their work.

Usually the stock vehicle will be located behind their outlets to allow free access during the event however we do acknowledge that in some cases this may not be aesthetically pleasing, in which case the event promoter must provide a secure parking area suitable for heavy vehicles, within a reasonable distance from the outlets. Again consideration must be given to the issues that may arise as described in Fresh Water above.

It is also important to agree re stocking times in partnership with the Event Safety Manager and disseminate this information to the concessions before the event starts.


Almost every catering outlet need gas (LPG), this gas comes in cylinders or bottles as they as sometimes known and the spare and used gas needs safe storage. Unless managed suitably LPG poses extreme dangers which can devastate any event site leading to a major emergency. It is important to understand that in simple terms, an empty gas bottle can be as dangerous as a full one so safe storage must be employed.

As outlined in and earlier paragraph, there is a need to ensure that caterers remove all gas bottles from the site as they leave as disposal is an unnecessary expense for the event promoter.


All of the above elements need to be managed which is an onerous task and we suggest cannot be fulfilled satisfactorily by a member of the production team unless dedicated specifically to the role.

From dealing with pre booking conditions, through to the last item leaving site after the event, it is absolutely essential to have a team on hand throughout the process to manage the concessions and to deal with related issues. There should be no need for YOU to be bothered with issues unless they have the potential to change the dynamics of the event.

What We Offer

It is our aim to take the stresses of the above away from you the organiser, you have far too many other worries to deal with - that is a given!

We can offer a complete package taking care of absolutely every aspect of your concessions or we will develop a bespoke management system suitable for your individual needs, we've described some of the elements on offer below: -

Provide & Advise on Catering, Bars & Market Concessions

Event Concession Location Design

Document Audit

Local Authority Liaison

Identify & Provide Logistical Needs

First On, Last Off Site

On Site Safety Inspections

Concession Accrediation

During Performance Concession Management

Management of Final Readings / Database Management

Staff Welfare Management